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Do you open your closet door looking for one thing but instead find a collage of things scattered everywhere and your “one thing” is never to be found? Do you bring home your groceries and stuff them in the pantry just to get them “put away quickly” but when you go to find something that your purchased “put away when I have time” is climbing so high you could build a wall with it inside of your own home?

Let’s run through a typical day of catastrophe yet it is labeled as a “typical” day using two to three words as we go…alarm sounds, you still oversleep, lost a contact, misplaced glasses, outfit stained, shoes mismatched, spilled cereal, dirty dishes, trip over toys, dirty diaper, laundry piles, bus missed, lost car keys, fuel light on, late for school, late for work, rush for deadlines, lunch break missed, missing files, lost notes, late for appointments, can’t see desk, leave work late, what’s for supper, backpacks on floor, purse thrown on bed, unpaid bills, refrigerator empty, shopping list disorganized, no routine, and after all chaos insomnia strikes!

If this sounds like you everyday or even a few days a week…there is one word that can turn that chaos into complete contentment…ORGANIZATION! Starting with routine being the key to keeping a “typical” day just that…typical, BUT without the chaos and stress. Simplicity and organization of closets, pantries, filing cabinets, office layouts, school supplies and finding a routine is not a lost cause! Thisbecome your top two priorities in taking the first step in becoming the most organized person you can be and finally finding that a day of catastrophic events is no longer defined as being “typical” but instead becomes “typical” with a new definition….organized and stress free!

Where do you start? How do you begin when it seems so overwhelming? Take the first step and contact me for an initial assessment so we can organize and formulate routine in all of the “needs attention” areas of your life and home. You are just one call away from beginning the process of enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. “Don’t put off today what you think you can do tomorrow.” -OR- Do it today so you don’t have to put off to another day ever again!