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About Our Pricing

PRICING CLEANING: There are two types of cleanings…surface clean and deep clean. A surface clean is just touching on the day to day cleaning surfaces that are used. This includes, but not limited to, dusting, glass and mirrors, scouring kitchens, scouring bathrooms, degreasing stove tops and inside of microwaves. wiping down counter tops and sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors. A deep clean is a top to bottom clean from swiping cobwebs, washing down ceiling fans within reach, rag dusting every item, windows (inside only and within reach), washing outside of cupboards to inside of cupboards, washing down walls, baseboards and mopping floors the old fashioned way…on hands and knees to get in the corners with greater detail than a mop. DEEP CLEANS CAN VARY FROM THE NEEDS OF THE CLIENT.


Surface cleans are priced with a flat fee. The fee is determined by location, number of cleans per month and an approximate amount of time that it would take to complete the clean.

Deep cleans are priced by the hour which also depends on the location, the detail of the clean, when the last deep clean was done and the size of the room or rooms being cleaned.

- ORGANIZING - Fees come in three different ways:

Assessment Fee… this fee is the initial fee to come to your home, meet with you and walk through what areas or routines you are looking to have organized and become part of a functional home or work space. This is a flat fee regardless of how long I remain in your home and work out a plan of action with you.

Hourly Fee …this fee is for one project only. They are in 4 hour increments. What does that mean? If we start a project and it is not completed in 4 hours, we carry it over to another day until the project is finished. Why 4 hours? Organizing and cleaning out to begin the organizing process can be overwhelming and many times, breaks are needed. By giving a project a certain amount of time to work on, you know there is an end in sight and your focus will stay on the task at hand.

Package Fees… this fee applies to packages that are put together when you or your home or office require focus in more than one area. This fee is discounted from the hourly fee.